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Here's a simple, five-step approach to finding the best treadmill for you:

      1. Shop at a specialty fitness-equipment store. Avoid low-end treadmills found at department stores. The specialty store will carry a range of treadmill brands and models. Or try an Internet treadmill-sales site.

      2.Go for a test run. The same as you would with a new pair of running shoes. Treadmill dealers will be happy to let you try their models, and it's the only way you can tell which treadmill feels and functions right for you.

      3.Study the small print. Understand the details of the delivery, set up in your home, service agreement, and warr-anty, consider and extended warranty, which you may be able to negotiate with the dealer to close the sale.

       4. Don't worry about the horsepower rating. Treadmill manufacturers tend to tout their horsepower specifications, but in our opinion it's virtually impossible to make meaningful comparisons because there is no agreed - upon standard for rating horsepower.

       5. Check the oil. Not literally. But your treadmill needs to be on a regular maintenance program, just like your car. Schedule regular maintenance every 2 or 3 years, or as suggested by the manufacturer, and you can expect many years of trouble-free use from your treadmill.

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